For all the non-technical and technical folks out there, I’d like to explain the genius behind hyper and our software development kit (SDK).  With hyper, you can put the power back in the hands of your application developers, get things done, and get back to delighting your customers.

Why should you consider using hyper?

  • Hyper is easy. Spin up backend services such as databases, search engines, and file storage buckets (to name a few) in seconds with literally a few clicks.  It's painless and friction-free.
  • Hyper is inexpensive.  Start-ups that don't have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on dev-ops personnel and database administrators have an advantage. Sign up and try hyper for free. When you’re ready to get serious, our Pro plan is just $99.00 per month.
  • Focus on features. Hyper allows you to focus your time and resources on your customers. It’s your dime.  Would you rather spend it on features or managing backend services?
  • Hyper is secure, scalable, and performant. This is what we do and we do it well.
  • Hyper is composable.  What does this mean?  A software developer can gracefully connect calls from one service, such as a call to the data service, to another, such as a call to the cache service. This is made possible by our promised-based SDK.  Its consistent shape and behavior provide a great developer experience.   See our related blog posts on Caching all the things and Composing Data and Cache.

In conclusion, hyper is unique in its ability to easily spin up new backend services, such as data, cache, queue, storage, and search in the cloud. How easy? Literally, just a few clicks. Skeptical?  Sign up and create a new hyper application and backend services for free.  

Keeping devs happy,

⚡️ hyper team ⚡️