Welcome to the hyper63 blog!

This blog is about the hyper63 services framework and how you can use it to rapidly create applications that are "future-proof"!
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We hope you enjoy using hyper63 and enjoy the content of this blog. Our goal at hyper63, LLC is to make software development fun and productive for development teams; by creating products like hyper63, we can help teams focus on solving their users' problems and not have to deal with common backend challenges.

Create applications that can change the users' ability to get things done. Focus on satisfying the needs of the user, not fighting a database or cloud system.

Let hyper63 manage backend services and enable you to focus on writing code that solves your problems.

I hope you enjoy this blog and find it informative; hyper63 is a game-changer in software development. Providing a cloud-agnostic approach to services and the integration of services gives you the freedom and flexibility to create resilient software solutions.


Tom Wilson

CEO of hyper63, LLC