It has been too long for an update on hyper63. Thank you all for subscribing to hyper63 updates. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a great start to 2021.

2021 will be the year for launching products, starting with "hyper63" (a services framework)! Yes, our first product is the same name as the company, and I will try to differentiate the two by referring to "hyper63, LLC", as the company, and "hyper63" as the product.

So what's up?

We have been building an open-source services framework that will compete with "backend as a service" products like Firebase and AWS Amplify but remain cloud-agnostic. The goal is to provide development teams with a robust open-source solution that is easy to use and guides development teams towards "future-proof" and resilient applications. I talk more about APIs and application design here. If you would like to learn more about the problem we are trying to solve start here. hyper63, the product, check out our website and documentation site.

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We can do better!

Focus on open-source and community

hyper63 is open-source, and we are building a community around the product.

This community will consist of users and contributors and will help provide governance for the product. We currently have a technical steering committee meeting every two weeks, and everyone is welcome to join the discussion. I plan to post the video recordings of the session to this blog for archiving and review purposes. We are looking for contributors and users of the product. If you are interested in contributing or interested in using the product, please contact me at

Offering Services

Over the last three months, hyper63, LLC has also engaged with a few partners to build custom applications and API solutions built on top of hyper63. This hybrid approach of providing a product and service to clients has been invaluable for moving the product forward to its current state. And the value of providing both the service and product has been realized by these clients. If you know of a startup or a development agency that needs healthy API development or full-stack application development, please send them our way. You can email me their contact information:

One of the main differentiators in hyper63 is that it encourages teams to build APIs. APIs can provide separation between your user experience and your "secret sauce", or business logic.

The future is bright for hyper63

We have a big challenge ahead with hyper63, the solution involves changing the mindset of a development team. Asking developers to rethink some practices to migrate to a high performing approach. I know we can dramatically improve the developer experience, which will directly improve the quality of software and reduce the cost of development even after several years of feature growth.

We can change this cycle:

We are expecting to grow as a company in 2021. We will be looking to contract with some great software engineers. If you know of anyone who has interest in this problem space. And is proficient and has a passion for javascript, functional javascript, open-source, backend systems and continuous learning, please ask them to reach out to

Workshops and Training

In February, we will be providing a free workshop for developers to learn how to build applications with APIs that separate presentation, application, and services effectively. This workshop will be posted soon, it will be a full day of learning. Be on the lookout in the next two weeks for the announcement if you are interested.

Thank you

Thanks again for your support and interest in hyper63, LLC, we are looking forward to launching our first product by the end of the first quarter in 2021 and more announcements and updates will be coming!