Announcement: hyper Developer Preview

hyper's cloud service is now a developer preview, which means the service is open for developers to register and start experimenting with a platform that will radically enhance the way developers build and scale applications.

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What is hyper cloud service?

The hyper cloud service is a collection of developer tools used to build applications behind an easy to use API (application program interface). hyper allows developers to focus on creative problem solving and the customer experience of their application without worrying about scalability or the operational management of their infrastructure. The result is that developers can build applications faster with higher quality and less friction.

During the developer preview the Data service will be released and over the next few months we will be launching other important services like storage, search, and cache. The hyper cloud service's goal is to provide one API for many services that developers need to build their applications.


hyper cloud service is the front facing product of an open source project also called hyper. The open-source project is the core engine of the hyper service which is composed of ports and adapters that create loosely coupled flexibility and reliability of infrastructure technology.  You can find out more about the open-source project at

Why hyper? (enable high velocity)

Developers will be the first to let you know that there are many services that are trying to solve the same problem and we looked at many of these services but none of them fully addressed our needs. In the current world of development it is a trade-off between several "build or buy" decisions. As a developer you are constantly asking "Do we build this component ourselves or do we use a service." There are many questions that help the team navigate towards the correct decision.

hyper is unique because hyper allows development teams to establish a boundary between the features and functionality of the application they are working on and the general services that every application needs to be effective. Some examples are structured data storage, unstructured file storage, highly available cache, and fast free text search. By creating a boundary between the application's special logic and the general services, the development team is able to iterate quickly with intense focus on the problem domain.

hyper takes care of the general services and makes sure they can scale while being highly available using an easy-to-use API.

Whats next for hyper?

hyper will be continuously releasing more services over the next few months moving towards a beta release and then towards general availability. We also expect to be announcing our pricing tiers within the next few weeks. It is our mission at hyper to improve the developer experience by creating tools that change the mindset of how developers approach structuring applications in a way that creates efficiency in all aspects of the software lifecycle elevating teams to frictionless development.

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